AWC was founded by a rookie armwrestler, Magda Kaczmarek, and first AWC event took place in August 2020.  The purpose was to bring everyone together during the pandamic crisis.  To identify and discover the talent amongst young athletes and to learn from the pro’s in armwrestling.  Since then, professional and amateur tournaments and events take place, on a local and international level.

AWC is a promotion company based in Toronto, ON Canada and it produces events worldwide.  Armwrestling is a fast growing professional combat sport and it arranges for entertaining, full of energy armfights. Each armfight is pre-arranged in its own weigh class and based ona skill level.  First organized armwrestling tournaments aroused in 1950’s and it continues to be one of the most recognizded sport around the world.

Freedom Armwrestling, Toronto 2019

Jodi Larratt vs Magda Kaczmarek

AWC Open – March 2022 – Barrie ON

Brad Wade vs Alex Koshadze

AWC Reloaded – August 2023 – Toronto ON

Devon Larratt vs Sergey Kalinichenko